Do You Get The Right Juice Container? 5 Types For You



Do You Get The Right Juice Container 5 Types For You
Getting the right accessories for your juicing habits can be quite a challenging task, but crucial nonetheless. When it comes to storing your juice, you want to ensure that it retains its quality value and thus you will seek out a juice container that does not compromise this in any way. Juice containers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, but not every container on the shelf will serve you right. This article seeks to help you understand the various options you have when it comes to juice containers, and how to choose the most suitable one for your lifestyle.

How to Choose Juice Containers

Individuals have different preferences and will therefore appreciate different aspects of various juice containers. While this could be a determining factor, buyers need to be a little more wise and look into the quality of the item they are buying other than how good it appears to be. To determine the quality of a good juice container, consider the following factors:


Food is very delicate and needs to be properly handled. Make sure your container is made from food grade material to prevent any reactions between the food and container. Factors like temperature may determine which material is the best. Keep in mind that cheap is often expensive and therefore you should be careful of the basis of your decision.


Depending on how much juice you make, you will want a container with adequate capacity to store all your juice at once. A small container means you may not have enough room for all your juice and again while a big container may offer you all the needed capacity; you may have trouble finding storage space for it. So carefully consider your options and get a container of the most suitable capacity to you.


The best juice containers are well built to ensure there are no leaks or spills. It should be easy for you to fill and empty the container as needed. Containers built with convenient features like a pouring spout and calibrated measurements are highly preferred. Also check to see that all caps or parts fit together to give you a sturdy product.

Ease of Cleaning

High hygiene standards need to be observed whenever dealing with food. Make sure to buy a container that can easily be cleaned after every use. Note that when you fail to clean a container from previous use, it is very likely that any fresh juice you put in will be contaminated and risk spoiling the juice or even bringing you ailment.


You do not want to be constantly running to the store to buy a juice container, therefore buying a durable product ensures that your juicing habits are covered for a long time. Durability of a container also translates to the overall value you get from it when compared to how much you spent.

Types of Juice Containers

The material they are constructed from can distinguish juice containers. Each material has its benefits and disadvantages and it is always upon the user to determine which type of juice container to buy.

1.    Juice Glass Container

Juice Glass Container
Glass containers have a premium look and feel which makes them ideal for the chic juicer. They are also non-toxic and do not contain any chemicals or the potential to react with foods. Additionally, glass is environmental friendly as it is reusable and it is non-reactive to temperature changes. It is also easy to clean ensuring that it is quickly ready for the next use. However, buyers often shy away from buying glass containers, as they are expensive and risk breakage. The lifetime of juices in glass containers is also very limited and may require special storage conditions like in the refrigerator.

2.    Stainless Steel Juice Container

Stainless Steel Juice Container
Stainless steel is the second safest option after glass. However, the quality grade of stainless steel used in constructing the container highly matters. Food grade stainless steel is recommended, as it is least reactive to foods. Stainless steel is also quite easy to clean, although prone to stains which affect its aesthetic appeal. Stainless steel is a composition of various metals which may leach into your juice if low- grade products. The problem with stainless steel is that it does not allow much manipulation of design and color and thus most containers tend to be dull-looking.

3.    Travel Juice Container

Travel Juice Container
Travel juice containers are largely intended for carrying and drinking juice while on the move. Unlike storage containers, they may feature additional features like carry loops, and drinking spouts. They are also designed to be compact and lightweight for easy traveling. Most travel juice containers are made from plastic. Carton containers are also used because of their convenience.

4.    Plastic Juice Container

Juice Plastic Container
Plastic containers remain the most popular mainly because they are very cheap and easily available.  Plastic juice containers are also light, durable, and easy to handle. However, plastic is very sensitive to temperature changes and contains harmful chemicals that may react with your juice and result to poor health. Although there are high-grade, plastics that claim to be BPA free, plastic still remains a hazard to the environment and has a less premium look and feel.

5.    Juice Box Container

Juice Box Container
These are containers majorly made from paperboard with an aluminum foil lining. They are also called carton containers and used to conveniently carry and consume juices and are most popular with children. Paper is used in construction to give the container shape and added strength while the aluminum is used to seal off light and oxygen, thus preventing the juice from spoiling without having to use preservatives. Although box containers promise to keep your juice fresh for a while, there is a timeline as to how long the juice remains viable. You may also need to control the temperature around the juice box container to ensure freshness.


Juice containers play a vital role in helping preserve, carry and drink different juices. But in order to get the best service from a container, careful considerations need to made prior to purchase. Additionally, while we all want something that will easily fit into our lifestyle, it is important to consider how well a particular container retains the quality of a juice to ensure we get the needed nutritional value.