The Top 15 Juicing Books to Help You Lose Weight



The Top 15 Juicing Books to Help You Lose Weight
Being rich in a wide variety of nutrients, fruits and vegetables are among the most important components that shouldn’t lack in your diet. They possess numerous health and fitness benefits, especially when blended, juiced, or consumed raw. According to the calorie secrets author, Naomi Tupper, as well as the WebMD, juicing is believed to help with weight loss, among other health benefits such as detoxifying the body, boosting immunity, and promoting general body wellness. However, the effectiveness of juicing for weight loss majorly depends on the ingredients used and how the preparation is made. Thanks to a number of professional nutritionist and authors, there are plenty of juicing guidebooks for weight loss out there, which offer tips, recipes, and advice on how to use juice to successfully lose weight. In our article on juice for weight loss reviews, here are the top 15 juicing guidebooks that can help you lose weight faster and easier.

1. Juicing Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss: By Fat Loss Nation

juicing recipes for rapid weight loss
Authored by the Fat Loss Nation and published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in 2015, Juicing Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss is one of the best books on the market that can help you lose weight easier with juicing. The book contains numerous about 50 juicing recipes, juicing diets, and tips on how to melt away stubborn fat. The 154-page book is professionally written, detailed, well organized, and easy to use. Aside from the highly affordable paperback edition, a free kindle version is also available for download online.

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2. Juicing for Weight Loss: Weight Loss, Healing, and Fitness Juicing Diets – By Kira Novac

juicing for weight loss
Written by KiraNovac, a professional nutritionist, parent, and author, this book is also one of the best of its kind there are in the market. The book provides tips on how one can unlock the potential of juicing to massively lose weight, promote health and improve body wellness. The 2015 paperback edition that was published in 2015 as Volume 1 provides professional and highly detailed information on alkaline diets, anti-inflammatory diets, and weight loss, in addition to juicing. Some helpful juicing recipes covered in the book include fat burner juice (which improves metabolic, cleanses the liver, and reduces cholesterol levels), cellulite shot juice, refreshing juice, calming carrot juice, and plenty more recipes. According to the author, the book focuses on providing plenty more juicing benefits apart from weight loss, including promoting digestion health, sex health, hair health, and skin health with juicing.

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3. Juicer Recipes Book: 40 Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss & Healthy Living – By Jenny Allan

40 juicing recipes for weight loss and healthy living
This is a Kindle Juicer Recipes Book Edition that provides 40 well-detailed and easy juicing recipes you can use for effective weight loss. The recipes include fruit-only juice recipes, vegetable-only recipes, and fruit-vegetable mix juice recipes, as well as creamy smoothie blends that may include yogurt or milk. Being a kindle version, this book is systematically organized and designed in a way that the reader will enjoy reading.

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4. The Juicing Diet: – By Arcas Publishing

the juicing diet
The Juicing Diet by Arcas Publishing in 2014, is based on the scientific fact that including fruit and vegetable juice in your diet can boost your body’s defense mechanisms, improve skin health, promote hair health, and help with easier weight loss. This book contains 175 juicing recipes as well as guides to juicing for weight loss and other benefits. It also provides detailed information on the benefits of juicing, juicing diet tips, weight-loss plans, and additional tips on detox and beauty.

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5. Juicing: 7-Day Juicing For Weight Loss Recipes

juicing - 7-day juicing for weight loss recipes
This is one of the most detailed juicing diet guide book in the market. Written by Linda Westwood and published on January 13, 2015, the book provides a highly informative juicing diet plan that promises to cut as much as 14 pounds from your body weight within a week’s time with their 7-Day Juicing for Weight Loss Recipes. It offers recipes and tips that will help you boost your energy levels, detox and cleanse your body, and observe faster weight reduction results from juicing. Within the end of the 7-day juicing diet period, the reader is promised to feel slimmer, more energetic, and healthier overall.

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6. Juicing for Weight Loss: 40 Little-Known, Delicious Juice Recipes for Weight Loss – By Vanessa Raw

juicing for weight loss - 40 little known delicious juicing recipes for weight loss
This weight loss by juicing guide book provides informative tips on how the reader can lose weight faster, increase their energy levels, and optimize their overall health through their 40 delicious juice recipes. It also includes tips on healthy and effective detox formulas, aesthetic juices, tasty fruit and veggies juices, and juicing for different types of occasions. Written by Vanessa Raw, this juicing for weight loss book is available as kindle version that goes for $2.99 on Amazon.

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7. Juicing: 101 Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss – By Darrin Wiggins

juicing - 101 juicing recipes for weight loss
This is another highly informative and well-organized book that provides numerous tips and guides on how to lose weight faster, cleanse the body, and boost your overall health using 101 weight loss juice and smoothie recipes. The book is available online as both a Kindle Edition and a paperback version. The book was written my Darrin Wiggins, a renowned weight loss author with more than a decade of experience in helping losing weight faster and easier. It also provides detailed information and tips on how to get the most out of your weight loss plan with juicing, including calorie tracking. It is one of the best juicing books in the market.

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8. Healthy Juicing: 33 Delicious Detox & Weight Loss Juicing Recipes – By Green Protein

healthy juicing
Authored by Green Protein and published in 2016, healthy juicing provides readers who’re juice lovers and weight loss enthusiast with critical tips and guides on how to stay healthy, slimmer, and more energetic by including various juice combinations in their diets. The book includes 33 detailed juicing recipes to not only see you lose weight faster and better but also cleanse and detox your body. The book, a paperback edition, also provides unique details such as the nutritional value of different vegetables or fruits used in each recipe. This means that tracking your calorie consumption can be easier and your weight loss plan is more bound to be a successful one.

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9. Juicing: 40 Best Detox & Weight Loss Juicing Recipes – By Jasmine King

juicing - 40 best juicing recipes for detox and weight loss
This is another highly interesting juicing guide book to read for those who want to cleanse their bodies and melt away stubborn fat. Juicing: 40 Best Detox & Weight Loss Juicing Recipes, is a paperback edition that was written by a renowned home chef in Florida, Jasmine King and published in 2016. According to the book, the natural fruit and vegetable juices are rich in fiber, water, vitamins, and other important nutrients that are effective in suppressing your appetite for faster weight loss, ridding toxins from your body, and improving your general body wellness.

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10. Juicing for Weight Loss: 7 Days to Lose Weight Quickly and Easily & Detox Your Body – by Katherine Wright

juicing for weight loss - 7 days to quickly and easily lose weight and detoxify your body
Katherine Wright’s kindle edition on juice for weight loss provides readers with self-explanatory information and tips on how to effectively and easily lose weight quicker and easier using fruit and vegetable juices. Published in 2016, the 40-page kindle Unlimited book gives you the secrets on how to eliminate harmful toxins from your body as observe significant weight loss results within a matter of just 7 days.

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11. Juicing: The Complete Guide to Juicing for Health Weight Loss, & Life by John Chatham

juicing - the complete guide to juicing for weight loss
One thing about this book that separates it from the others is that it also includes a guide on important juicing equipment, in addition to 97 fun juicing recipes you can use to lose weight easily and quickly. Written by John Chatham, a renowned health and diet author, and published in 2012, the book is curtailed to give a comprehensive guide on how to boost your health, lose weight, and improve your life with fruit and vegetable juices. In summary, it gives an account of the 20 best vegetables and fruits to include in juicing diets and their individual benefits to your body. It will also help you with critical information you can use to choose the best blender or juicer before approaching your purchase. Additionally, it contains tips on how to create your own juice recipes that will help detox your body, improve metabolism, burn fat, enhance your stamina, and improve your mental function, among other health benefits.

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12. 75+ Juices for Weight Loss: By Don Orwell

juices weight loss - 75+ juices for weight loss
This book by Don Orwell is another personal best among the top 15 juice for weight loss books. The book focuses on juice recipes that one can include in their diet for an effective weight loss program without straining or suffer the consequences of weight loss pills and supplements. According to this book, juice from natural fruits and vegetables can be enough to improve your lifestyle, fitness, and health if properly implemented. The 2015 paperback juicing edition gives a guide on more than 75 superfood juice recipes you can prepare easily on your own from home. The book is also unique in that it also contains a bonus chapter that provides information on more than 25 superfood salads that can effectively help you achieve your weight loss goals without much effort. Readers can also learn how exactly these natural superfoods work and the wide array of health benefits they provide. Some of these benefits include immunity boost, body cleansing, energy boost, and anti-aging, among others.

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13. Juicing For Weight Loss: The Juicers Bible By Aubrey Azzaro

juicing for weight loss - juicers bible
If you’re looking for a fully comprehensive, informative and detailed juicing guide book to help you achieve your weight loss and other health goals better and quicker, the Juicer’s bible is another one among the best options to look for in the market. One of the unique features of the juicer’s bible is that it clearly points out the numerous benefits of juicing in addition to weight loss, and actually helps you achieve them. Probably the reason for its name, it contains literally everything you need to know about juicing and your overall health. It contains guides and tips on some of the best juicing recipes, diets, and combinations you can use to improve your body wellness and lose weight. According to the author’s description some of the most significant things it helps the reader with, include, burning stubborn fat faster, boosting immunity, enhancing body and mental energy, cleansing the body, stimulating healing, improving libido, boosting mood and memory, improving sleep quality, and improving digestion, among others. This book is highly recommendable if you’re looking for some or all of these benefits from fruit and vegetable juices you can easily prepare at home.

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14. Juicing For Weight Loss: The Ultimate Boxed Set Guide by Speedy Publishing

juicing for weight loss - the ultimate boxed set guide
This is a fully comprehensive, 361-page kindle edition that was published in 2014 by cooking genius. It is actually a set of three well-detailed and organized juicing books with helpful guides and informative tips on how to effectively use natural fruit and vegetable juice for weight loss. The book provides a wide range of juicing and smoothie recipes that you can try out, cycle, alternate, or combine to shed those extra pounds off quicker and easier. Regardless of its huge volume, the book is easy to read and understand. The kindle version is available online from sites such as Amazon.

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15. Juicing: Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss – By Chris Strong

juicing - best juicing recipes for weight loss
If you are in search of an easier and quicker weight loss solution where you don’t have to do too much of strenuous exercise or starve yourself, this is one of the books that was designed for you. Written by Chris Strong and published in 2016, the Juicing: Best Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss; is a 37-page kindle edition that provides lots of helpful information on juice for weight loss. It gives a comprehensive guide on the benefits of juicing over eating fruits, the different types of juicing, and the best juicing recipes for effective weight loss. There is also an informative and professionally organized FAQ section from where you can learn plenty of new information about juicing, health and weight loss. There is also a free bonus that includes a weight loss bundle with 3 eBooks on how to lose weight quicker and safer.

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As you must have noted from our review, there are more than just a few benefits of juicing, in addition to weight loss. Juicing is also fun and can be an easier way of eating fruits that you are normally not so fond of. To get the most out of your weight loss plan from juicing, improve your health and enhance fitness levels, you need a good guide on the various ways to prepare your fruit juices. The books above are the 15 best you will find in the market with comprehensive, detailed information that is easy to read. If budget is a major concern, you might want to consider going for a Kindle edition of the respective book, some of which are free, whereas others will cost you as little as less than a dollar. Most of them cost less than $5.