Breville Centrifugal Juicers Review


Breville Centrifugal Juicers Review
The Department of Agriculture of the United States recommends consuming 2 to 3 cups of vegetables per day, depending on your age, sex and level of activity. The daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is mandatory to achieving good health. The benefits are plenty and include phytochemicals which help to protect cells from damage, vitamins, enzymes and other quite helpful nutrients. But some people have problems with eating vegetables and therefore avoid eating them for one reason or the other.

Juicing in this case, becomes an alternative to eating fresh produce because the majority of people who avoid fresh fruits and vegetables do like to drink juice. In fact, almost everyone loves to drink juice. Additionally, vegetable and fruit juice do not contain fibers. This makes the body able to absorb more of the nutrients from juices than from normal eaten vegetables. Given this understanding of the benefits of juicing, it’s little wonder that many people are rapidly adopting it worldwide. In fact one man recently made a documentary movie about his 60 day juice fast and how it saved his life.

In the documentary movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” a seriously obese man named Joe Cross decides to go on a 60 day juice fast and actually succeeds in loosing 80 pounds of weight and curing himself of an autoimmune disease. The juicer he used in this documentary was a Breville juicer and that has exploded the popularity of the high quality and very powerful juicers from Breville.

Breville is a popular maker of centrifugal juicers. Centrifugal juicers use high speed spinning discs to cut and turn fruits and vegetables into a pulp from which the juice is extracted using centrifugal force. This centrifugal force arises as a result of the high rotation speed of the filter and forces the juice therefore onto the other side of it, separating it from the pulp. Deville juicers can use from 850 Watts to 1200 Watts of electric power to spin up to 13,000 RPM (Rotations Per Minute). It is this extremely fast speed that creates a centrifugal force strong enough to pull all the liquid from the fruit or vegetable pulp.

Three Breville Juicers Reviewed



Variable Speed

Display & Feedback

Disc material


die-cast steel

1,200 Watt motor

5 different juicing speeds

back-lighting on its rotary knob

titanium reinforced cutting disc


stainless steel while

900 Watt motor

5 different juicing speeds

LCD display

stainless steel cutting disc


die-cast steel

1,000 Watt motor

2 different juicing speeds

no display.

Just an ON/OFF and a FAST/SLOW switch

titanium reinforced cutting disc

1. Breville BJE820XL – The Juice Fountain Dual Disc Juicer

Breville BJE820XL Juicer Our Ratings

Breville BJE820XL Juice Fountain Duo Dual Disc Juicer

The Breville BJE820XL juice fountain dual disc juicer comes with a 1200 Watt motor inside a beautifully made die-cast steel housing. It also features a 3 Inch wide feeding chute that can allow whole fruits like apples to be fed into the machine at once. To maximize juicing results, it comes with a 5 speed variable regulator to switch between leafy greens like spinach, soft fruits like bananas and harder fruits like apples.

This machine is quite heavy and can therefore operate very solidly. It also includes an extra purée disk for making more smoothie-like juices or to make baby foods, frozen banana ice-cream and apple sauce e.t.c In every way, this juicer is very efficient, quiet, fast and easy to clean. Another important thing is that although it has a 1200 Watts motor, the machine does not really heat up when juicing. This is good because heat can destroy the nutrients in fruits and vegetables.

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2. Breville BJE510XL – The Juice Fountain Multi-Speed Juicer

Breville BJE510XL Juicer Our Ratings

Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900

This Breville BJE510XL juicer is made from stainless steel and packs a 900 Watt motor. It also comes with a 5 speed regulator like the dual disc juicer but costs about $200 less. Despite the lower price-tag, this juicer is still a high quality Breville juicer and will produce pulp that is as dry as those from more expensive models. It also comes with a safety lock mechanism like all Breville juicers, to prevent unsafe operation until all parts are properly fitted.

This Breville juicer has a lovely LCD to show motor speed and settings and it also displays icons of fruits to help in selecting the right program. But unlike the dual disc juicer that has a titanium reinforced cutting disc, this model has just a stainless steel disc. Accessories include a juice jug, detachable spout and an easy clean brush.

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3. Breville 800JEXL – The Juice Fountain Elite Juicer

Breville 800JEXL Juicer Our Ratings

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000

The Breville elite is another top juicer from Breville. It features die-cast steel housing which makes it a quite beautiful piece. It comes with a powerful 1,000 Watt motor but only a 2 speed control: High at 13,000 RPM and Low at 6,500 RPM. It also comes with an ultra sharp cutting disc that is titanium enhanced for long life.

Like other Breville juicers, the 800JEXL is easy to assemble, and to dismantle for washing. It also comes with a 3 inch feeding chute that you can pop almost any food item into and its titanium enhanced blades powered by the 1,000 Watt motor will devour it and turn it into juice. In fact when it comes to powerful centrifugal juicers, the 800JEXL is simply the Gold-standard, only the BJE820XL dual disc is more powerful.

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The Pros & Cons of Breville Juicers

Pros of Breville Juicers
  • Breville Juicers are always very aesthetically pleasing.
  • Their motors are usually powerful and can go up to 13,000 RPM.
  • A breville juicer can juice a pineapple together with the rind.
  • With the high RPM and a large feeder, you can juice very quickly.
Cons of Breville Juicers
  • They use lots of energy.
  • Centrifugal juicers can trigger oxidization in fresh produce and they then start to deteriorate.
  • They perform poorly with leafy greens.


All Breville juicers are top notch so choosing which particular one to buy all boils down to how much you are willing to spend. The basic technology is the same with all three machines but materials and motor power vary according to price. In a sense, you get what you pay for because although the cheapest of the three is a very good product that will last very long, the costlier ones are also good products and will last even longer. The choice at the end is yours, you have to decide how much you can comfortably spend on a Breville juicer.