Get A Twin Gear Juicer For Quality, Healthy & Delicious Juices


Get A Twin Gear Juicer For Quality, Healthy & Delicious Juices


Today, there is a wide variety of juicers in the market. However, while choice is always a good thing, it can be very difficult to decide which juicer is the best for you. When what you need is healthy and nutrient-rich juice, the juicer experts recommend buying the twin gear juicers, also known as triturating juicers. These juicers are great for those that seek a versatile appliance that remains sturdy even under hard and frequent use. They are very effective in juicing just about anything, from soft to hard produce. Nonetheless, to enjoy its awesome benefits you will need to dig slightly deeper into your pockets when compared to buying other types of juicers.

Best Twin Gear Juicers Comparison Chart











Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Twin Gear Juicer


6.5 x 19 x 12.5





 Plastic (BPA Free)


12 Year



Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer


15.5 x 12.9 x 12.8





 Plastic (BPA Free)


15 Year



Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer

21.7 x 14.5 x 10.1





Stainless Steel

10 Year

What Is a Twin Gear Juicer?

As the name suggests, these juicers extract juice from produce using twin augers that interlock with each other while rotating inwards. The gears crush and squeeze all produce, breaking their cell walls to release more juice volume as well as more nutrients. Working at a low speed of about 80 to 160 RPM, the juicer does not disrupt cellular structure of the fruits and vegetables, thus maintaining all nutrients. The low rotation also prevents oxidation to the juices and thus preserving the precious enzymes and nutrients closest to their natural forms.

Twin gear juicers come with a variety of attachments for juicing different types of produce. Their performance is outstanding and you do not have to sacrifice anything. The juice they produce can be stored in the fridge for up to 48-72 hours while marinating its freshness and only losing a minimum of its nutritional content.  Additionally, in comparison to other juicer types, the twin gear juicers feature a more solid and quality construction with extra technical features that makes them both efficient and reliable. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Twin Gear Juicers


  • They operate at a low speed than single gear and centrifugal juicers thus slowing down the oxidation process which extends the storage life of the juice and ensures high quality yield and taste.
  • The low operating speed produces little or no heat, protecting the nutrients from destruction.
  • Most twin gear juicers feature high quality construction and high-tech features aimed at improving its performance and efficiency.
  • They are versatile with the ability to deal with all kinds of ingredients including fibrous vegetables, leafy greens, apples and grass-type greens and leaves.
  • They operate silently, causing minimal interference within the home.
  • Besides making juice, they can be used to make pastas, desserts and butters.


  • Twin gear juicers are quite expensive, making them a luxury only a few can own.
  • Their low operating speed makes them time consuming compared to centrifugal juicers. Most models also have a narrow feeding chute thus forcing you to spend additional time preparing the ingredients by cutting them to smaller pieces.
  • They include many parts such as the two augers, the screen and attachments that make cleaning a bit of a challenge.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Twin Gear Juicer

Ease of Use & Cleaning

Since twin gear juicers tend to have many complicated parts and controls, it is important to ensure that you buy a machine that will be easy to use and operate. Buying a machine with technicalities beyond your understanding makes juicing a hectic task and you become discouraged to even practice your juicing habits. Cleaning some juicers can also be quite troublesome, so make sure to consider just how much effort you are willing to put in and then find a suitable juicer.

Quality & Yield

Twin gear juicers are highly preferred because they extract great tasting juices that still contain most of their nutritional benefits. Make sure to get a twin juicer that offers maximum extraction without comprising the quality of the juice. This way you can get more from your produce.


Twin gear juicers are expensive and thus you need to invest in something that will withstand the test of time. Consider the design, construction materials and how the juicer is generally built and determine if it is worth what you are paying. A good juicer should be able to serve you for a long time with need for minimal or no repairs.

What Kind of Produce Can it Juice?

While twin juicers promise to process all kinds of produce, not all of them will efficiently tackle some types of ingredients. It is therefore important that you carefully consider you juicing needs and then identify a juicer that adequately fulfills those needs.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Twin Gear Juicers

TOP CHOICE: Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

Tribest GSE-5000 Twin Gear Cold Press Juice Extractor

Green Star Elite is a versatile juicing machine, reputable for its efficiency and unsurpassed quality. The juicer features exclusive Jumbo Twin Gear technology with a low speed of 110 RPM, ensuring extraction of higher quantity of juice, packed with essential vitamins and minerals. The gear is packed with plenty and handy features aimed at improving usability and performance. Your commitment to living healthy will pay off with this unit that lets you prepare a variety of healthy drinks.

Features and Specifications
Tribest GSE-5000 Twin Gear Cold Press Juice Extractor Accessories

  • Four Screens for Versatility: The juicer includes a fine screen for extracting juice with minimal pulp, a course screen to allow more pulp into the juice, a homogenizing blank for basic food processing and the breadstick maker set for preparing raw breadsticks and rice cakes.
  • Twin Gears with Pocket Recesses and Cutting Points: Green Star comes with stainless steel twin gears with special points that imitate the human mastication system. The teeth of the twin gears are designed with special pocket recesses that help in processing hard produce. This creates a sharper edge at the start of the grinding process, thus reducing the force exerted by the motor when processing hard ingredients. Additionally, the cutting points are placed on the gears such that the juicer extracts juice more efficiently without getting tangled or clogged.
  • Pressure Adjustment Mechanism: This feature lets you adjust the amount of pressure needed for pulp ejection in order to allow for extended use without jamming or clogging the juicer. You do not need to stop the juicer in order to adjust the pressure; this therefore lets you prepare more, in one session of juicing.
  • Nylon Safety Buffer: This prevents the two metal gears of the juicer from coming into contact with each other. The gears are separated by a margin of 4/1000 of an inch, all through operation in order to avoid the metal from chipping into the juice or pulp.
  • Green Star’s Complete Mastication System: The juicer utilizes the complete 3 stages of mastication that include slicing, cutting and crushing. It also adds a mixing stage where the broken down produce is allowed to interact and activate, in order to increase the nutritional value of juice.
  • Versatile Capabilities: It includes creative attachments that offer more possibilities by allowing the juicer also acts as a food processor. So besides making juice you can also prepare desserts and snacks.
  • Exclusive Magnetic and Bio-ceramic Technology: This allows the juicer extract juice of higher nutritional content that is more stable by minimizing oxidation, thus the juice stays fresher for longer.


  • Produces very high juice yields with its two large augers that ‘chew’ produce in 3 stages – crushing, mixing and pressing.
  • It reduces preparation time by eliminating need for dicing producing before feeding it into the juicer.
  • Despite the use of somewhat complicated technology, the Green Star Elite remains easy to clean, taking just less than 3 minutes.
  • It comes with a long 12 year warranty that gives you peace of mind, knowing your investment is secured.


  • It is very expensive.
  • It includes many parts which make assembly and disassembly tiresome.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Green Star is a quality product that produces high juice yield without compromising on the taste and quality. It is also well built thus is able to withstand heavy duty use without fear of premature damage.

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MORE CHEAP: Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer

Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer

The Omega TWN30S juicer takes juicing experience to a whole other new level. Using triturating action, the juicer has the ability to crush, squeeze and mix produce to release a rich flavored and colored juice that is also rich in nutrients and minerals. It is great for extracting juices from fruits, vegetables, herbs as well as wheatgrass.

Features and Specifications
Omega TWN30S Twin Gear Juicer Accessories

  • Motor: It has a 2HP motor that rotates at 160 RPM. The triturating motor is able to extract juice from both fruits and vegetables.  It squeezes and grinds produce to release all the most possible juice while minimizing oxidation and preserving the nutritional content of the juice.
  • Stainless Steel Augers: The twin stainless steel gears are reliable and durable. They have the ability to crush through both soft and hard produce whilst maintaining maximum yield extraction.
  • Two Juice Screens: They allow you control the amount of pulp that gets into the juice. It includes a fine screen that filters out most of the pulp and a coarse screen that allows some pulp mix into the juice. Also included is a sieve strainer that allows for extraction of pulp free juice.
  • Produce Self-feeds: As the gears of the juicer rotate inward, the produce self feeds, sparing you the need to push them in.


  • The Omega TWN30S operates at a slow speed of 160 RPM which minimizes oxidation, giving the juice up to 72 hours juice shelf life.
  • Works well on both hard and soft produce as well as citrus fruits and leafy greens. This makes it extremely efficient and versatile.
  • It features BPA free parts and operates quietly.
  • Comes with a 15 year warranty.
  • It features automatic pulp ejection that allows you juice continuously.


  • It is not dishwasher safe.
  • Does not make a suitable buy for beginners as it is somehow complicated and requires attention to some details.
  • Has a  narrow chute that requires chopping the produce to smaller pieces and thus prolonging the juice preparation process.

Final Thoughts

The Omega TWN30S may not be the best twin gear juicer but it does offer premium value, for a premium price. With great juice extraction capabilities, the juicer gives you great tasting juices with less hassle involved. Its construction is also durable so that the juicer serves you for a long time.

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A Vedio Of Green Star Elite GSE-5000 vs Omega TWN30 Juicer Comparison

MOST SOLID: Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer

Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer

The Super Angel 5500 juicer extracts juices in two stages at only 86 RPM. In the first stage, the juicer’s gears slowly grind produce into juice. In the second stage, the juice is filtered through a screen and is separated from the pulp that is ejected through a tube at the end. This ensures high quality juice with very dry pulp.

Features and Specifications
Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer Accessories

  • Motor: The Super Angel juice features a 3hp motor with a overheat sensor and a fan that cools it down. The motor rotates the two gears at 82 RPM and its grinding force allows for maximum juice extraction. It also features “6 safety devices with Electromagnetic Wave Protection”.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: The 5500 feature an all stainless steel construction that makes it incredibly durable and easy to clean. Its gears are made from high quality SUS-304 stainless steel that is safe and does not react with foods.
  • Economical and Versatile: Super Angel Juicer is suitable for wheat grass, barley grass, leafy greens, herbs and sprouts. It is a major saver even when juicing for one person as it ensures you get maximum juice extraction from each ingredient.
  • Juicer Safety Sensors: The juicer includes a number of safety features to ensure your wellbeing. It includes dual switch systems located at the back of the juicer that help in controlling soft switch panel on the motor base unit. It also comes reinforced with a dual protection around the soft switch panel which lowers the risk of electrocution.


  • It is manufactured with stainless steel all round ensuring that all parts that are exposed to food are free from toxins.
  • It is equipped with a high tech cooling system that keeps your juice fresh and nutritious while preventing the motor from overheating.
  • It comes with large metal gears that extract a great yield from each produce with a 3-stage extraction process.
  • It can comfortably handle all types of produce.
  • Operates at an ideal speed of 82 RPM which prevents shock and heat build-up as well as minimize oxidation.
  • Comes with 10 year warranty.


  • Users need to exert some force in order to push produce through the chute.
  • The unit tends to become unstable when produce is pushed through the feeding chute.
  • It comes with a hefty price tag.

Final Thoughts

Despite its few shortcomings, the Super Angel juicer continues to offer outstanding performance. It has plenty of useful features that makes it a truly premium juice. However, if you are not an expert at juicing, this may not be for you as you will need to use it with precision and exercise proper maintenance to keep it at its peak performance.

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Different Types Of Angel Twin Gear Juicers Comparison

Twin Gear Juicer Vs Single Gear Juicer Vs Centrifugal Juicer

As earlier mentioned, there are various types of juicers, each with its own benefits and downsides. Below is a comparison of the two common juicer types to the twin gear juicer.

Twin Gear Juicer Vs Single Gear Juicer

Single gear juicers are mid-range juicing appliances that rely on a single auger with blades tat crunches the produce into pulp, releasing juice in the process. Their gears have a larger diameter than that of triturating juicers and make between 40 to 80 RPM. However, in terms of speed, twin gear and single gear juicers are pretty much at par. It is only that the larger diameter of the single auger juicers makes it appear as if it is much slower than the twin gear juicer. Single gear juicers have few parts and are easy to clean and use, while twin gear juicers come with several complicated parts that may make them quite difficult to operate.

The mechanism of operation in both juicers also slightly differs. Single auger juicers use a masticating mechanism to grind pulp, while twin juicers mechanism is based on the triturating concept of grinding, crushing and rubbing. However, both methods do not disrupt the cellular structure of fruits and vegetables, therefore preserving their nutrients. In the end though,  the single gear juicer produces quality juice with a slightly low yield while the twin juicer produces superior quality juice that is more stable to last longer and at a higher yield.  Juice from a single gear juicer is viable for up to 24 hours when stored in the fridge while that of a twin gear juicer can last up to 48 hours when properly stored.

Twin Gear Juicer Vs Centrifugal Juicer

Centrifugal juicers are the most common type of juicers and they extract juice through centrifugal force. When ingredients are placed into the juicer, they enter a mesh chamber with razor sharp blades that shred them into pulp and then spin at high speeds to separate juice from pulp. The pulp is collected in a separate collection chamber and the juice funnels out via a spigot.

Centrifugal juicers spin at very high speeds of between 3000 to 16,000 RPM compared to twin gear juicers that spin at 80 to 160 RPM. The high speed destroys enzymes and nutrients, depriving you of the potent benefits of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the high speed in centrifugal juicers also traps a lot of air that quickly oxidizes your juice, thus reducing its lifetime as well as healthy properties. Unlike twin gear juicers, centrifugal juicers produce a lot of foam in the juice.

Centrifugal juicers can only work well with the certain type of ingredients while twin gear juicers work well on most fruits and vegetable. Centrifugal juicers will not juice leafy vegetables and in addition produce a low juice yield as it leaves the pulp still very wet. The high operation speeds also make them very noisy and leave behind essential nutrients in fruits and vegetables. The juice produced in the end tastes slightly diluted and with a tinge of metallic taste due to oxidization.


 Compared to other types of juicers, the twin gear juicers have proven to be the ideal choice for making quality, healthy and delicious juices.  You may be discouraged by their high price but once you discover the value and benefits, they offer, you will consider it a necessary investment, especially if you are committed to keeping a healthy diet.