Bellemain Centrifugal Juicer Review: Efficient And Safety Juicer



Whether you are a novice in juicing or a veteran, you will find a centrifugal juicer to be a reliable partner. Everybody loves convenience and speed and this is exactly what these types of juicers offer. The Bellemain Centrifugal Juicer is a juicer that offers that and more. At first glance, you will find it a stylish and good looking piece of equipment. The stainless steel finish and contemporary design give it a look that blends easily with other kitchen appliances. It is not just built for looks as the stainless steel provides a durable housing and holds the juicer intact during the most demanding of tasks.

Bellemain Stainless Steel Centrifugal Juicer

This is a powerful machine that comes with 1000 watts of power which is enough to crush through even hard fruits converting them into delicious juice in a matter of minutes. It has a 2-speed motor that allows the use of hard or soft fruits. As for convenience, you will find that this juicer has one of the largest feed tubes in the market. This allows it to accept whole fruits and vegetables (best fruits and vegetables juicer) without requiring them to be cut up. You will also find that it has a large pulp compartment so that you can continue producing as much juice as possible without having to turn it off to remove pulp. This juicer also comes with a bonus pitcher for convenience in serving and storing juice.

Features and Specifications

  • Stainless steel housing and filter

The Bellemain centrifugal juicer is cast in a stainless steel frame. Stainless steel is a hard metal that is rust resistant. This increases the lifespan of the juicer and ensures that it retains its shiny look for a long time. Unlike other juicers that come with wire mesh strainers, this model comes with a stainless steel filter. Not only is this more durable, but also easier to clean. This ensures maximum efficiency of the juicer because there is reduced clogging.

  • Compact design with enhanced safety

Because these kinds of juicers have moving parts at high speeds, safety must be given priority. This juicer is solid and sturdy and is made to meet high safety standards. Besides having a stainless steel core, it has metallic locking arms. These hold all the moving parts securely in their respective places even when the juicer is in heavy operation mode.

  • Overheat protector

Centrifugal juicers work by the action of cutting up fruits or vegetables and then spinning them at high speeds to extract juice from the pulp. Due to the rapid movement of electrical components powered by a motor, this process produces heat that can destroy the juicer in the long run or even destroy the quality of the juice. The Bellemain Centrifugal Juicer has a built-in system that prevents overheating adding to safety and durability of the juicer.

  • Large feed tube

This juicer features a 3.3 inches wide diameter feed tube. This is larger than that of some more expensive juicers which only come with a 3 inches tube. A large feed tube is important because it does not require the user to chop up the fruit before putting it in the juicer. At 3.3 inches, the Bellemain juicer is large enough to accept whole fruits and veggies such as apples, pears, and beets. It is, therefore, time saving and can even be used in the morning while rushing to work. (Get best whole fruits juicers)

  • 1000 watts motor with 2-speed options

At 1000 watts, you will find that this is a very powerful machine. A machine with a higher wattage is more effective in crushing harder fruits in less time. This is because it offers more power for more revolutions per minute than machines with lesser power. This Bellamain juicer operates on high efficiency utilizing a powerful centrifugal action that extracts juice and nutrients efficiently leaving only dry pulp.

The 2-speed options ensure maximum juice yield for different types of fruits. The low-speed option is best for soft fruits such as oranges while the higher speed option is best for harder fruits or fibrous vegetables like celery.

  • Removable large pulp compartment

This juicer has a 10.5 cup pulp basket. A large basket does not fill easily allowing you to produce more juice without interruptions of having to switch off and empty the basket. With this juicer, you will find that you can find that you go along way before having to empty the compartment. When it is finally full, you will realize that it comes off easily for convenient emptying.

In fact, most parts of this juicer are removable for easy cleaning and they are in essence dishwasher safe. This allows high levels of hygiene and ease of storage as the parts can be stored separately and easily be reassembled.

  • Bonus pitcher

When you purchase this item, it will come with an acrylic pitcher that fits snugly under the dispenser. Because it is see through, you can be able to see the level of the juice as it continues to trickle in. This can be used to serve the juice or for storing in the refrigerator.

Pros and Cons of Bellemain Centrifugal Juicer

  • It accepts whole fruits because it has a large feed tube. This is time-saving as you do not have to cut fruits or vegetables in smaller pieces for them to fit in the juicer.
  • It is an efficient juicer. Because it combines high power and quality craftsmanship, it produces the most amount of juice from fruits or vegetables expelling fairly dry pulp.
  • It is suited for both hard and soft fruits or vegetables because it has 2-speed motor options.
  • It is easy to clean as the parts are dishwasher friendly and easily removable.
  • It is durable because it is encased in stainless steel and has hard plastic pulp container.
  • It comes with a free cleaning brush that makes cleaning easier.
  • Like most centrifugal juicers, it is a bit noisy.
  • It is not efficient in juicing leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale.
  • Some buyers have complained that the pulp basket is prone to throw off some material during juicing.

Our Ratings

Philips Micro Masticating Juicer Our Rating

The Bellemain Centrifugal Juicer has mostly good customer reviews and relatively high customer ratings. The major issue complained about is that it sometimes throws materials around during juicing. However, this can be fixed by adjusting the pulp basket upwards. On amazon, it has a customer rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Frequently asked questions

1. Does it come with a manufacturer warranty?
Answer: Yes. It comes with a two-year warranty.
2. What are the product dimensions?
Answer: It measures 17 by 15 by 9 inches.
3. Can the juicer cutter disk be replaced?
Answer: This model allows the disk to be replaced if it gets damaged or if it gets blunt.
4. Are any of the parts dishwasher safe?
Answer: Every part is dishwasher safe excluding the main base.


Centrifugal juicers are cheaper than other types of juicers and are effective. They can also last a long time if used well. The Bellemain Centrifugal Juicer outdoes the others in its class in longevity and efficiency. It comes with important accessories such as a quality pitcher and a cleaning brush. It is one of the best juicers under $ 100 and would be a good choice for first-time buyers or for people looking for a quality and inexpensive juicer.

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