Champion 2000 Juicer Review: Heavy Duty Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables


Champion 2000 Juicer Review: Heavy Duty Juicer for Fruits and Vegetables
Champion 2000 juicer is a well-built masticating appliance, for extracting juice that is available at in black or white. Maybe if you wish, you can also get it in silver or almond. This juicer model has several different uses, in addition to juicing fruits and vegetables. With it, you can make spicy tomato sauce or salsa, baby food, nut butters, coconut milk, etc.

This masticating juice extractor runs on a 1/3HP motor, using 540 watts and weighs 26 pounds. The sharp cutting blades and all the other parts are made of high quality polymers and stainless steel, which make the juicer a highly strong and durable appliance. Some improvements have been made on certain components of this appliance like the motor shaft, starting torque and the front/rear shields have been enhanced for its smooth operation. In addition, the user wouldn’t have to worry about the juicer overheating while in use, because the temperature is made less high.

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Product Details

The Champion 2000 juicer is to a great extent easy to assemble, but before using, the motor shaft needs to be lubricated with coconut or olive oil. The blades are exceedingly sharp, so care must be exercised when placing the cutter onto the motor shaft. The feed chute is 1.75 inches in width and small sized produce can fit into it. Apples and stalks of celery need to be sliced or cut before they are put into the chute, so they won’t get stuck in the juicer.

The Champion 2000 juicer is not a self-feeding machine; it does not supply itself with what is needed. Cutting/slicing all ingredients must be done beforehand, so you can juice continuously until completed. Never use your hands in pushing the food down, as the juicer comes with a tool that you can use, to tamp down the food into the tube. The Champion 2000 is a weighty and bulky machine and does not come with a handle, so it is difficult to move from one place to another in the kitchen. Make sure that you have enough place for it on your counter top or kitchen table.

The Champion 2000 is a masticating juicer and uses a dual stage of mastication. Initially, the food will be cut and crushed with the cutter blades and then the juice is extracted by pressing the pulp against the juicing screen. The juice that comes out of the machine will not lose its vitamins, nutrients and enzymes because they are not heated and they can also be preserved for up to 72 hours.

The juicer can process almost anything, from soft and hard fruits and vegetables, but it cannot be that efficient with juicing leafy greens. The Champion 2000 juicer can function as a grain mill, a standalone wheat grass juicer and a homogenizer, with the right accessories that you need to purchase separately. With a grain mill attachment, you will be able to make your own corn meal, flour and coffee at home. The green attachment will allow you to juice wheat grass and the homogenizer will help you make nut butters, baby food and frozen treats like ice cream.

Cleaning up the Champion 2000 juicer is easy, although the components are not dishwasher safe and you need to wash them manually, using soap and cold water. Stains are issues that you can expect when juicing, but if they annoy you, using water with a little amount of bleach will wipe them away.

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  • It can juice faster than other standard slow juicers.
  • Attachment for homogenizing and milling grains are available for purchase.
  • You can make continuous juice through external pulp ejection system.
  • It can juice a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, both soft and hard with the exception of leafy greens (which can be done with difficulty) and wheat grass (which needs a special attachment).
  • Juice extracted have a longer shelf life (72 hours) because of minimized oxidation process.
  • Dual stage mastication process results in more quantity of juice yield and drier pulp.
  • Parts are BPA (Bisphenol A) free, as they are made of surgical stainless steel and food-grade nylon.
  • The colors white and black can easily match any kitchen.
  • Price is slightly cheaper than other commercial models.


  • The tiny feeding chute requires extra preparation time in the kitchen.
  • Separate attachments are required to perform functions other than juicing.
  • This masticating juicer is noisy, when in operation. However, the volume is not as great as the centrifugal juicers.
  • It is super heavy and can be difficult to move it around.
  • The high RPM makes it not suitable to juice leafy greens. A separate attachment is needed.
  • The optional accessories are relatively costly.
  • The detachable parts are not dishwasher safe.


The Champion 2000 juicer has a 1,725 rpm, which is similar to some centrifugal type juicers. This high rpm requires too much effort for the juicer to process leafy greens, as many customers report. However, this can still be the juicer for you, if your healthy diet does not include juices of green leafy vegetables. This is available at While it is not very good at juicing leafy greens, the juicer is one of the most durable machines that has been made for everyday juicers. So get 1 for yourself today!!!