Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Review: A Single Auger Masticating Juicer



Hurom Fresh Press Juicer
It can be frustrating to wake up with a craving for a glass of juice only for your juice maker to jam at the middle of the process. A mind psychologically prepared that breakfast would be a refreshing glass of juice is more often hard to divert to the idea of having maybe a cup of black coffee or any other morning drink. Luckily, by making the decision to part with a few bucks and get a Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Single Auger Masticating Juicer (JP Series), the experience shall be refreshing and more satisfactory.

Hurom is a cold juice maker that features the slow squeeze technology and a patented technology. The Hurom Company has been around for almost 70 years. This means the company has gathered enough experience to know what it takes to produce a friendly and satisfying product for you. The cold juice presser allows you to get 35% juice extract with every single press of your fruits or vegetables as compared to the traditional fruit juice makers. The result is less pulp and dry baggage after every press. Read more about Top Hurom Masticating Juicers.

Having this fruit juice maker in your house guarantees you quality performance to give you the best combination of results nonstop without incidences of breakdowns or delays.

Product Features And Specifications

This model of Hurom is one of the best models existing in the market and one that will serve you diligently. Let us have a more detailed look into the products specifics and the unique feature it packs.

The Slow Squeezing Technology

Hurom has come up with its own innovative technology for this juicer: the Slow Squeezing Technology. The juicer designed to minimize damages to the ingredients while still maintaining its natural taste and intact nutrition. It achieves using steady rotations with the slow squeezing out the juice.

The auger of this unit is made of extremely durable item. The slow rotations usually squeeze out ingredients. It also has a pulp control lever that determines the hole of its strainer and gives more/less of pulp based on your preference. The slow operation doesn’t cause much noise and with less vibrations.

Product weight and dimensions 

The Single Auger Masticating Juicer is a lightweight juicer. It is easily portable, and you can carry it from one place to another without getting tired. It weighs approximately 17.3 pounds.

The product measures 9.8 x 15.8 x 6.8 inches. This size of the product is more ideal to fit almost anywhere in your house. You can set it up in the kitchen working space without difficulty. It allows you to economize on space regarding storage space and working area surface such that you can accommodate other items in the same space.

Juice Quality

By developing the Hurom’s patented Squeezing Technology, the dual-step masticating juicer is designed to crush produce at 43 RPM, then extracts the juice from the pulp that’s pressed against the mesh juicing screen. The resulting juice contains high levels of vitamins and enzymes than all juices found in stores. Additionally, you can also taste the differences in every natural, full-bodied sip. It produces high quality juice which can be stored for close to 72 hours in the refrigerator.


The biggest issue with most masticating juicers is that they usually take a time to clean up. However, the Hurom Slow Juicer is very easy to clean. All that you have to do is basically running water through this juicer for a quick clean-up in between juice batches. When you require a more thorough clean up- all parts are very easy to remove and rinse because the pulp is ejected instead of being whirled around the masticating juicer. It takes around 5 minutes to clean this model after juicing.

Great Quality and Lasting Material

Both the auger and the strainer are made of extremely durable ULTEM plastic. The materials are eight times stronger as compared to most plastics. In addition, it is BPA-free. The motor usually comes with a 10-years warranty.

Energy use 

The juicer only uses 150 watts of power. An energy saver I found it to be, as it did not cause my electricity bills to skyrocket. Energy wise it is easy for you to maintain without having many additional costs

What is in the box? 

Upon purchasing the product, with the box comes a cleaning brush, a fruit screen and DVD which you can watch to see how the juicer works and how it is operates. One thing that you will love about this brand is the fact that it comes in a variety of colors that leaves you spoilt for choice.

Pros Of Hurom Fresh Press Juicer

The advantages you get from this product are irresistible. Indeed, it is a match for no other given its high quality and satisfactory results.

  • High juice yield: This is one of the most important features that I found worthwhile with this type of juicer. It produced large amounts of juice from every single squeeze, unlike my previous juicer. The two-stage process of first crushing the food and then pressing it ensures less wastage.
  • High-quality juice: The cold juice presser produces high-quality juice with a longer shelf life without incidents of the juice separating or foaming
  • Very silent: Unlike other brands the slow juicer works silently without even the slightest of buzz that can disrupt the calm and eerie environment in your house
  • Highly versatile: You can juice almost anything that is palatable in the Hurom juicer. It blends and processes fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, nuts, and soy to come up with a variety of delicious juices, milkshakes, sauces, marinades and more so soft baby food.
  • Easy to clean: One thing, which can be very disappointing with juicers, is lack of ease when it comes to cleaning. The Hurom slow juicer is practically easy to clean and an additional cleaning brush, which comes in the box, makes the cleaning experience easier. You can clean it by just running water, as the pulp is ejected rather than whirling it round as in its counterparts
  • Durable long lasting materials: You don’t have to keep on going back to shop for another juicer. The auger and the strainer are made from highly durable ULTEM plastic, which is almost eight times durable than other plastics

Cons Of Hurom Fresh Press Juicer

Though the juicer has, so many advantages that you can reap, some of the shortcoming you need to know off before you make the purchase are:

  • The juicer can only squeeze small pieces of your foods. That means you have to cut your fruits into smaller pieces for efficient results. This is the major pro of this machine. However, you are guaranteed that it will squeeze your fruits faster once you cut them into smaller piece. This I found to be time-consuming for me.
  • The juicer is slower than most models on the market today. As such, some people might not have the time or patience to wait for the juicer to make juice.

Our Ratings

Hurom Fresh Press Juicer Our Rating

Based on the online reviews, Hurom Fresh Press Juicer certainly works well. Having a single auger design, Hurom maximizes the efficiency of the auger based juicers by taking the concept much further. The juicer can process vegetables, fruits, soy and even wheat grass with greater efficiency. Instead of simply crushing the pulp, the juicer utilizes 2 stages with the first stage dedicated to crushing and the next stage to squeezing maximum juice from this pulp. The end result of this unique double juicing process is higher yields and a drier pulp. Compared to the centrifugal juicers, the Hurom manages to produce 50 percent more yield. Overall, this is a dependable and affordable juicer.


Most masticating juicers are noisy, bulky, large and quite difficult to take care off. On the contrary, Hurom has got all the benefits that you require from a such as affordability and compactness without having the disadvantages of most masticating juicers like noise and the nagging maintenance requirements. It is an excellent juicer for fruits and veggies with hardly any major cons. In summary, HUROM Fresh Press Masticating Juicer will supports and deliver your goals for optimal health.

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