Omega 8003 Review: Best Price Of Masticating Auger Juicer


Omega 8003 Review Best Price Of Masticating Auger Juicer
The Omega juicer Model 8003 is the manufacturer’s single gear masticating juicer that was designed to function in extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. It can also perform other tasks besides juicing, such as mincing, grinding, homogenizing and some more.

The single gear features 2 stage extraction methods which provide more juice than those with single stage juicers. The single gear Omega 8003 has fewer parts to clean than the other models that it replaced, the 8001 and 8002.

This appliance is a multiple use kitchen gadget that has the ability to perform its functions well. This is very different from the other appliances that tend to compromise one function when intended for more than a couple of uses. The Omega model 8003 is exceptionally good at all its intended purposes when it was designed to make more than just juice. It can be used to prepare pasta strings, grind coffee, emulsify baby foods and mince herbs.

The most attractive feature of Omega 8003 nutrition center Juicer is its low 80rpm, which assures the user that she will get a healthy juice. With very low speed of 80rpm, as compared to high speeds of 1,500 and 15,000, this appliance can manage to produce more juice, dryer pulp, less froth/foam and keep the enzymes and vitamins intact, as they are not heated nor destroyed, thus more nutritional value.

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Special Features of Omega 8003 Juicer

* The machine has a strainer inside it, a stainless steel mesh filter that helps to siphon off the pulp and remove the mass of small bubbles called froth.

* The juice, after it has been extracted, is able to keep its freshness up to 72 hours, as there is no heating up in the system.

* This single gear juicer produces not as much amount of froth as double gear juicers.

* The motor of Omega 8003 is very powerful and is built for home and commercial purposes.

* The 2 stage extraction method consists of (1) crushing up of fruits/vegetables and (2) juice extraction.

* The dual stage masticating ensures that the maximum amount of juice has been squeezed out and the pulp comes out completely dried.


  • The Omega 8003 can be used continuously, so you can make healthy drinks for you and your family repeatedly.
  • The juicer is provided with a Reverse Mode preventing the machine from getting clogged up when more fruits and vegetables are processed.
  • Omega 8003 juicer extends its use to processing a variety of other foods, such as extruding pasta, making smoothies and preparing baby foods.
  • When turned on, the machine does not produce a loud sound, so you will not have to worry about disturbing your neighbours, in case you use the juicer at night.
  • No clogging to be experienced because of automatic pulp ejection facility.


  • The feeding chute is very narrow and cannot accommodate big chunks of food. Cutting and slicing fruits and vegetables are required to be done, which means more preparation time for you.
  • The low 80 rpm speed makes extracting the juice take longer time.
  • Dark vegetables such as beetroots may cause stains.
  • The cleaning up part may also be considered a disadvantage by some users. They say that after each use, they need to open the juicer, clean the auger, the filter, remove whatever is stuck near the outlet of the pulp collector and then put the entire appliance back together again.
  • The Omega 8003 has a few downsides, but if you consider the positive aspects that it offers, it will not stop you from buying this kitchen appliance at all. Some people really do hate cleaning up, but note that the 8003 model has fewer components to clean than its predecessors. In addition, if you were looking to invest in a healthy juicing device, the more you will want to have this product in your kitchen.

The only concern about the 8003 would be the tiny feed chute and one has to cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces, so that they would fit into the juicer. However, for most people, that does not make much difference. The Omega 8003 juicer performs as expected, despite some minor disadvantages.

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The Omega 8003 juicer is something that we recommend to anyone who’s in the market for a machine that gives them maximum productivity with minimum wasted efforts and with lots of power.

This masticating type juicer is considered the best in its category. It can produce more juice with all the vitamins and minerals intact, conserve more energy and helps in healthy eating. All these things are efficiently done by the Omega 8003 masticating juicer and it even helps you grind coffee and mince herbs. We call it the juicer and food processor combined. And it’s cheaper than the other same type Omega juicer, so omega 8003 juicer is best price for you get. Therefore, for healthy juicing with some perks on the side, this is undoubtedly the kitchen appliance that you’ve been looking for.