Best Juicer Cup Buying Guide And Top 5 Product Reviews



Best Juicer Cup Buying Guide And Top 5 Product Reviews
For thousands of years, cups have been in use as tools for carrying food and drink. Typically, a cup is any average-sized open container that could be made from wood, plastic, clay china, stone or any other materials. It may include a stem, handles or any other adornments. Cups feature a variety of styles across cultures and social classes but the primary purpose remains the same throughout, carrying different liquids for different situations or occasions. Nonetheless, as you move across different regions, you may notice that the name given to cups may vary depending on design and function.

What is a Juicer Cup?

A juicer cup as the name suggests is a juice extracting machine that is designed to look like a carry-jar. It is made up of parts including the lid, jar, and motor base. The jar is usually connected to the motor base which has blades attached to it while the lid covers the top of the jar. Very few controls may be available for running the cup. The motor base runs the blades which in turn pulp down ingredients to make juice. The juice is held up in the jar and then secured by the lid. While the lid, jar and motor base with blades remain as the essential parts of a juicer cup, the exact number of parts may differ depending on brand and model.

The whole idea behind a juicer cup is to have a mechanism to prepare your favorite drinks even while on the move. Juicer cups have a compact and lightweight design that allow for easy carrying. Unlike traditional juicers, they do not have to be plugged in directly to a power source as they rely on rechargeable batteries for power. Depending on the design, a juicer cup will not only make juice but smoothies, shakes and baby foods too. Many juicers are multi-functional, which means they can fulfill more than a single task. For instance they are those that can be used as water bottles when you are not juicing, there are fruit diffusing cups and there are even those that can be used as a power bank. Besides keeping you healthily hydrated while on the go, juicer cups can be a great convenience appliance to have.

Pros Of Juicer Cup

  • Most juicer cups are multi-functional thus fulfilling more than one need.
  • They have a compact and lightweight design that makes them easy to carry around.
  • A juicer cup ensures a healthy lifestyle and that you still benefit from freshly made refreshments wherever you are.
  • The cups come with rechargeable batteries that eliminate need to plug into power source. The batteries are easily charged through a provided USB cable using a power bank or your PC.

Cons Of Juicer Cup

  • Juicer cups have minimal controls and lack switch modes to help suit different recipes.
  • Since the cups are designed to be very basic, you may not be able to experiment much with ingredients or even get quality results.
  • The capacity of juicer cup is limited.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Juicer Cup

The task of finding the right juicer cup is daunting for many, especially with the wide variety of products in the market that claim to offer the best. A juicer cup will only fulfill its purpose if it has relevant features to the user. To guide you when buying a juicer cup, here are some factors that you need to consider:


A juicer cups ability to fulfill its function to the best is an essential factor to be considered before purchase. The performance of a juicer cup is mainly determined by its motor power and the innovation put to it. The amount of power needed to run the cup will depend on the type of ingredients you intend to use. Consider whether to use organic or conventional foods or if you plan on using fruits and vegetables. The truth is that most juicing cups tend to remain very basic and may not allow you experiment much with ingredients. However, even for basic on the go juicing, you still want a juicer cup that provides you with refreshing drinks with less hassle.

Other features to help you determine the performance of a juicer cup include blade type, speed and overall construction.


Since you are buying something to use while on the go, consider getting a cup with adequate capacity to ensure that you make and carry enough juice with every preparation. Buy a cup that can allow you mix in enough ingredients for your recipes. Most juicer cups have a capacity of between 300-500ml which translates to about 1 or 2 glasses of juice.

Construction and Materials

Get a juicer cup that promises to be durable and safe for use. The construction and the materials used of the cup should be up the mark to ensure that the cup does not spill or damage prematurely. All parts should fit together well and be made from food grade materials to ensure they do not react with foods. A well-built cup will perform optimally and save you the cost of repairs or replacements.


What stands out about the juicer cups is their ability to be used anywhere and at any time. Make sure to get a lightweight juicer that remains comfortable to carry but does not compromise on other useful features. The cup should have enough power to keep it running even while you are far from a power source. Check out for convenience features like carry loops, texturized surfaces and battery life that make carrying the cup around easy and worry-free.

Additional Features

Juicer cups may include extra features for efficiency and convenience. This may include safety features to protect you or the machine from damage and others such as functioning as a power bank, having waterproof parts, battery indicator, and reduced charging time. Additional features may not greatly influence the performance of juicer cup that they make the experience for the user more friendly.

Top Products Review

1.    Kaysion Portable Juicer Cup

Kaysion Portable Juicer Cup
The Kaysion juicer cup is designed to five you 100% fruit juice while maintaining compatibility and portability. It has a lightweight design that makes it suitable for carrying to the gym, work, school and any commuting errand. The product features a juicer cup attached to a powerful and high speed motor that lets you enjoy fresh healthy juices wherever and whenever. The motor is multifunctional with the ability to pulp fruits, vegetables and super foods into delicious juices, smoothies as well as shakes.  Unlike the traditional juicer cups that can only be used to carry and drink juices, the Kaysion juicer cup serves as both an extractor and carry-jar.

The cup is made from environmentally friendly and food-grade not toxic materials that make it safe. The 550 ml bottle is BPA free with spill-proof lids and durable stainless steel blades.  It is also has a waterproof base with non-slip silica gel blotches and water resistant silicone guard cover for the USB outlet. Its clever choice of materials makes it easy to use and clean. For added convenience and efficiency, is a rechargeable built-in 2600mAh lithium battery that can be charged using the PC, power bank and any other USB devices with the provided cable. To know the power status of the product users rely on the 4 hidden LED indicators.

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2.    EgoEra Portable Juice Extractor

EgoEra Portable Juice Extractor
If you enjoy fresh juices and fancy the healthy lifestyle, then the EgoEra juicer cup is your kind of product. Made from food grade non-toxic materials, the juicer cup ensures safety of your health and that of the environment. It is small in size but still offers adequate capacity of 380ml for carrying your favorite drinks while remaining lightweight and easy to carry. The cup also works as a blender allowing you to freely mix various ingredients so suit your taste. It is great for making fruit juices, smoothies and shakes in just less than 90 seconds.

The EgoEra juicer cup is powered by a 2000mAh battery that takes about 3 hours to fully charge and works 10-12 times before the battery runs out. It can be recharged using a mobile phone or power bank through the provided USB cable. The parts of the cup fit together well keeping all the contents intact therefore it does not spill or leak. There is also an Idle Protection feature that turns off the motor after 5 seconds on not being in use. Besides its great performance, the EgoEra looks and feel great, offers convenience and is very durable.

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3.    Pentop Portable Mini Juicer Cup

Pentop Portable Juice Blender Juicer Cup
Juice or blend your favorite ingredients for a refreshing drink with the multi-functional Pentop Juicer cup. The mini size cup is portable and when not preparing your favorite refreshments you use it to carry water. With a fast stirring speed, users have all their ingredients pulped-up and well mixed for a delicious cup in less than a minute.  The attached motor at the bottom of the unit is powerful and capable of between 15,000 to 22,000 revolutions per minute. The Pentop features a creative choice of materials for enhanced safety; none of the parts will react with your food thus ensuring good health. The materials used include imported food grade PC, silicone, ABS and stainless steel.

For longevity of the battery life, users are advised against using the product while it’s charging. There is a light indicator that turns red to indicate that the battery is low and blue to indicate full power.  The product comes with a charging USB cable and can be charged using your PC or power bank. The juicer cup holds up to 500ml which is good capacity to keep you refreshed while on the go. Additionally, the parts can easily be disassembled and assembled for easy and thorough cleaning. Be careful when cleaning the blades to avoid injury.

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4.    Petolar Mini Juicer Machine

Petolar Mini Juicer Machine
This product marks a revolution to staying hydrated and refreshed while on the go. Petolar mini juicer allows you make juice anywhere at any time without having to worry about power sources.  The mini juicer cup comes equipped with a 4000mAh rechargeable battery that can make juices 4 to 5 times when fully charged. What makes this product exciting is that other powering the juicer motor, the battery also has a power bank function that allows you charge your phone or tablet while on the go. Petolar is not only great for making juices but will also make delicious protein shakes, smoothies and baby foods.

The design of the Petolar bottle allows for easy carrying and uses food grade materials, free from BPA, in construction.  The body of the juicer cup is made from TRITAN, the button features food grade ABS, the seal ring silicone and the blade stainless steel .The product can however not be immersed in water or cleaned in the dishwasher because of the battery. The juicer cup has a total capacity of 430ml while the entire product weighs 450g and it is made easy to carry with the addition of a carry loop. It is available in 4 attractive colors; pink, purple blue and green.

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5.    HQdeal Mini Electric Personal Juicer

HQdeal Mini Electric Personal Juicer
Meet the new generation mini juicer that is a great travel companion for keeping you refreshed while on the go. The HQdeal mini juicer is a multifunction blender machine suitable for making juice, smoothies, protein shakes, as well as vegetables and baby foods. This rechargeable mini juicer needs at least 3 hours charge before initial use and runs on a 2000mAh battery. It comes with a mini juicer bottle of 350 ml and takes 30 – 90 seconds to prepare drinks. All parts of the HQdeal are made from safe materials and are durable.

The personal juicer is easy to use and clean. It is operates rather quietly and comes with a plastic strap handle at the top for easy carrying. All its parts securely screw onto each other to prevent spills and drips. The lid comes with a drinking spout which also minimizes mess while drinking from the cup. Although its blades are slightly small, the cup has great power which quickly breaks down ingredients.

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If you are constantly on the move and have been wondering how to include more health conscious decisions into your lifestyle, then a juicer cup is just what you need. Luckily, there are several remarkable brands and models to choose from, which ensure every preference is met. Juicer cups are easy to use and may offer a variety of functions thus making them a good bargain at any time.