4 Top Commercial Orange Juicers For Different Business Scales


4 Top Commercial Orange Juicers For Different Business Scales
A commercial juicer is a wise investment for business-minded people and those who have a big circle of friends and family. You might be thinking about opening a restaurant or a juice bar or you just love to entertain friends at home and serving them with fruit juices. You simply need to find the best commercial juicer – the machine that has the efficiency to turn great amounts of juice in a very short time. This means that your supply of juice will not diminish for as long as you need it.

If you are in the market for a commercial juicer, you’ll get a great number of choices and that can be confusing. Let us help you find the right commercial orange juicer for your needs. We have looked at a number of machines and carefully studied their technical specifications, their construction, the motors, durability, efficiency, ease of use and cleaning up. Our research ended with four top commercial juicers for you to choose from.

1. Gourmia GM J9970 Large Citrus Juicer

Gourmia GM J9970 Large Citrus Juicer
With Gourmia GM J9970 juicing machine, you’ll be able to extract the most juice out of your fruits. This device will give you a proper squeeze, regardless of whether you are juicing lemons, oranges, pomegranates or any other citrus fruits.

It has a system of parts that work together that you’ll find easy to operate. Simply place the fruit (if it is large in size, you need to cut it in half) on the strainer and press down the handle to squeeze the juice out to the last drop. The extracted juice starts pouring, giving you a fresh and healthy beverage to enjoy.

The Gourmia GM J9970 is a highly hard-wearing machine that can withstand the pressure of regular use, damage and wear. It has a base and handle that is made of cast iron and the rest is made of stainless steel. With these materials, you are assured that what you are getting is a durable machine that you will enjoy for a long period of time.

This juice extractor comes with suction cups on the bottom to take and keep a firm hold of the countertop surface. The strong grip will prevent the machine from shaking, moving or breaking, while juicing is in process.

The Gourmia GM J9970 is a commercial grade juicer. It is 27.5” in height and will suit any kitchen decor because of its sleek design. While the unit is large, it is of small width, so it can be kept in most cabinets, without much hassle.

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2. Breville 800CPXL Die Cast Stainless Steel Motorized Citrus Press

Breville 800CPXL Die Cast Stainless Steel Motorized Citrus Press
This neat and elegant looking electric citrus press machine allows you to make a full cup of citrus juice conveniently and quickly, often within a minute or less. It has a compact and vertical design that makes it suitable in most kitchen spaces. Most parts of Breville 800CPXL are rust resistant, brushed stainless steel so that they have a satin finish.

This 11” tall unit normally comes with 2 stainless steel juice filters (1 fine, 1 coarse), so you can determine how much pulp should go with the juice. Occasionally, the fine filter has to be purchased separately. The machine is also equipped with patented, Quadra-Fin juicing cone that is designed to fit in all related applications. This means that you use the same cone, regardless of whether you juice smaller or larger citrus fruits.

It is an efficient and fast electric citrus press. The 110w motor is very quiet, when it is running, just like the manual juicing presses that make absolutely no sound. Breville is an example of an electric citrus press that can be whispering quietly. You can make juice, even in the middle of the night and not worry about your neighbors getting disturbed.

The machine is super easy to use. Even if it is an electric citrus press, it is straightforward to figure out, because there are generally a small number of parts involved, so less chances for things to go wrong. You can assemble it in a matter of seconds and you can accomplish it at your first attempt.

The five removable parts are all dishwasher safe, which makes the cleaning process a breeze; although you can wash them by hand if you want.

While the Breville 800CPXL seems to be solidly built, with a commercial grade construction, some users pointed out that it has some design issues that limit its life span to 6 to 12 months of average use, before an important component stops working. This problem makes the machine not suitable for commercial use.

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3. VEVOR Commercial Orange Juicer 120W Auto Feed

VEVOR Commercial Orange Juicer 120W Auto Feed
VEVOR orange juicer is a unique type of juice extracting machine, with a motor power at 120W and can squeeze between 20 and 30 oranges, in a matter of minutes. It can peel and crush many oranges instantly and give you the desired quantity. For that reason, it is great for small shops selling drinks, fruit shops, hotels, restaurants and other places, where juices are sold and offered.

This model juice extractor is extremely sturdy and durable, having been made from stainless steel case. It is able to handle daily use and you can forget about it getting easily dented or scratched. The motor, which is so powerful at 120W and can run continuously, without overheating.

The cover of the VEVOR commercial orange juicer should be in place to make it work. It just will not start unless the lid is removed, so there is no worrying about fingers or hand of small children getting stuck out there. In addition, although it is uncommon to detect an emergency that necessitates the shutting off of the machine immediately, the juicer has a safety cut off switch that allows you to do that.

After you have squeezed about 20 oranges, you might expect to find a lot of residues, which is hard to clean. With VEVOR orange juicer, that will not be the case. Instead, you will be left with a convenient, simple and easy cleaning up process.

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4. Hamilton Beach 90700 Commercial Electric Juicer

Hamilton Beach 90700 Commercial Electric Juicer
The Hamilton Beach 90700 commercial electric juicer is among the top rated machines in today’s market, owing to its great features and outstanding performance. This machine is famous and food experts and professionals and is being endorsed to people, who are interested in juicing.

Ideal for use in restaurants, bars, smoothie bars and juice clubs, this juice extractor has a quiet motor, something that is great to use in any establishment. You can place it on any surface, a table or a counter top and it will remain stable due to its low center of gravity.

The metal housing has an acid resistant finish, the stainless steel container is large and the reamers and strainer are durable, having built for heavy duty performance.

This Hamilton Beach model is super easy to operate. The motor is quiet, giving just a low hum, very ideal for early morning juicing when all the others are still sound asleep. The machine’s ease of use is a great selling point, as well as its ease to clean up. There are only 5 detachable parts. The base just needs to be wiped down while the others can be tossed into the dish washing machine or simply immersed in soapy water.

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If your business or even if your big family needs a large volume of healthy and fresh juice every day, a commercial grade juicer would be your best option. It is also a great way for your family to reduce the grocery store expenses, besides making sure that you are not getting added sugar and preservatives with the processed juice that you buy. For your cafe or restaurant, a juicer is something that you really need.

Those are our detailed product reviews for the top 4 commercial orange juicers in the market today. We hope that you will easily find the right juicing machine for your business or home.