Best Sugar Cane Juicers For Making Sweet Juice Easy


Best Sugar Cane Juicers For Making Sweet Juice Easy


Although most common in Central and South America and Southeast Asia, sugar cane juice is drunk all around the world. The juice is naturally sweet and is made by crushing the fibrous insides of sugar cane stalks and the extracted sap of the plant is filtered for any impurities and consumed as it is. Sugar cane juice is considered a wonderful sweet drink that is better than the typical sweeteners such as sugar or high fructose corn syrup. It is also a great alternative to other refreshment drinks such as carbonated drinks. A simple glass of fresh sugar cane juice is one easy way to enjoy the tons of benefits that sugar canes have.

What Is a Sugar Cane Juicer?

A sugar cane juicer is a juice is a machine specially designed to squeeze out liquid from canes. The juicers are specific to the characteristics of sugar cane and may not be effective for use on other fruits and ingredients. They are made such that they can extract sugar cane juice, without heating or oxidizing it. Most sugar can juicers rely on either electricity or gas diesel and are necessarily large to accommodate the large size and tough nature of sugar cane. Some sugar cane juicers can accommodate 5 to 6 canes at go, but such are more ideal for a commercial setting or for those that require large amounts of juice for distilling alcohol, vinegar or sugar. Household juicers tend to accommodate fewer canes and thus ideal for those that require small amounts of juice possibly for refreshment.

Factors to Consider When Buying A Sugar Cane Juicer

Mode of Operation

Most sugar cane juicers are manually or motor powered. Each type of juicer has its own benefits and downsides. The manual sugar cane juicers are economical since they only require your physical strength but also tend to be cumbersome to use. One can only make as much juice as their strength allows them to. On the other hand, electrical models are most preferred but they bear the burden of additional power costs. Depending on the brand of juice you buy, some are more efficient than others. An electrically powered sugar cane juicer allows you prepare large amounts of juice without the physical pain and strain. They are mostly used in commercial settings where large amounts of juice are in constant need.

Number of Rollers

Sugar cane juicers rely on strategically positioned rollers to crush the canes and extract juice. The number of rollers a juicer has will determine how much juice you are able to harvest from your sugar cane. Usually, a juicer with more rollers will offer maximum extraction, although it may be relatively costly. Basic sugar cane juicers will have 3 rollers while more premium models will have up to 6 rollers. Whilst the number of rollers is important, you may also need to consider their design in order to determine how efficient a juicer will be.

Intended Purpose

How do you intend to use the juicer? Do you need a small machine for household needs or do you want something that can be used commercially? Well, before buying a juicer it is first important to determine your needs in terms of frequency of use, output required and preparation needed. A household juice extractor for instance cannot keep up with the juicing demands of a busy commercial setting. Consider between heavy duty and light use models as this will determine just what you can and cannot use the juice extractor for.

Design and Construction

Unlike most ingredients used in juicing, sugar cane tends to be hard and thus requires extra force to extract juice from it. You therefore need to invest in a juicer that features durable design and construction. Most sugar cane juicers are made from stainless steel which is strong and durable. Whatever material that is used on the juicer, make sure that it is safe and does not leach any harmful components into the juice.

The design also needs to be considerate of the characteristics of sugar cane to allow for efficient performance. Do you want a juicer that sits on the table top or one that stands on its own? Do you want one with automatic features or one without? All these aspects are essential in getting you a juicer that will last and at the same time provide you with great tasting sugar cane juice.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

A juice extractor should make the juicing process more endearing. Therefore, when choosing a sugar cane juicer ensure that you can comfortably work around it. All controls and parts need to be straightforward and easy for you to understand. Also consider the cleaning and maintenance routine a juicer extract requires. Since these machines tend to be large, some of them may demand extensive cleaning and maintenance that may be expensive and tiresome. Always compare the value a machine gives to the input required and then settle for what comfortable fits into your lifestyle.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Sugar Cane Juicers

Unlike other juicer types, sugar cane juicers happened to be the least understood type of juicers. This makes it very difficult for users to actually identify which brand or model will work for them best. Nonetheless, like any other investment, you want to get the best value for your money whenever you are buying a sugar cane juice extractor machine. Below is a detailed review of some of the best juicers in the market that guarantee customer satisfaction.

1. Sican Automatic Commercial Sugar Cane Juicer

Sican Sugarcane Juicer
This commercial sugar cane juice extractor machine lets you prepare delicious and healthy sugarcane juices at the touch of a button. It is an asset to any juice bar, cafe or restaurant and fascinating to watch as the fruit cascades down the ramp. The commercial sugar cane juice extractor is a winner for both the customers and the staff alike. If you own a business are thinking of putting fresh squeezed sugar cane juice machine on the menu and the latest technology on your kitchen counter, it’s time to get the 110V Automatic. The machine delivers 100% natural freshly pressed juice. It is also efficient, reliable, and gives a high yield of juice per fruit, leaving behind just pulp, pits, and peel. The result is great tasting juice that is non-bitter and smooth tasting.

Features and Specifications

  • 3 Stainless Steel Rollers: The three rollers helps crush and squeeze the canes to produce the maximum possible juice. Their stainless steel construction is food-grade and does not rust thus ensuring your health and safety. In addition, the rollers are durable and require little maintenance or upkeep.
  • Durable Construction: The entire juice extractor machine is made of stainless steel which is very strong and durable. And since it is automatic, it only requires one to insert the sugar cane and it takes over the rest of the extraction process.
  • Speed: The machine performs at very high speeds ensuring that you can keep up with the demands of your customer. The extractor can make up to 6 cups of juice per minute.
  • Power: The 110V Automatic juice extractor has a 500 Watts motor power with 110v. This is enough power to run the machine efficiently while remaining very economical.
  • Easy to Clean: Since it features an all stainless steel construction, the machine is easy to clean. You only require a few minutes and you are done.
  • No Jamming Design:  The juicer has a forward and reversal design that ensures it does not jam while in operation. This way you can juice for longer without having to stop the machine.


  • The machine extracts sugar cane juice at a fast rate making it ideal for areas with high juice demand.
  • There is no need to strip off the sugar cane before juicing which reduces preparation time.
  • It does not jam while in operation.
  • The juice extractor is easy to clean, including its rollers.
  • It is strong and durable.


  • It has only three rollers thus may not offer as much juice as compared to extractors with more rollers

Final Thoughts

Taking freshly made juice is the easiest way to enjoy the healthy benefits of various ingredients. At a commercial setting, what you need is a reliable machine that will guarantee satisfaction to your customers, and the 110V Automatic is packed with the right features to ensure just that.

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2. Manual Stainless Steel Sugar Cane Juicer Review

Taishi Manual Sugarcane Juicer
When looking for a sugar cane juicer, it is important to find a manufacturer that has invested research and practicality to refine their product. The Manual Stainless Steel Sugar Cane Juicer has all the practical needs for anyone in search of a quality and efficient sugar cane juicing machine.

Features and Specifications

  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Gears: It includes 3 gears that are made from food-grade 304 stainless steel. This ensures that it will not rust or leach into the juice and eventually affect its taste or nutritional value. In addition, the juicing machine can accommodate up to 2 inches thick of sugar canes.
  • Manual Power: This machine spares you the additional costs of power, making it very economical. It only relies on physical strength, which with its design is easy to implement.
  • Easy to Use: It comes with very few controls and complicated parts thus making it ideal for persons of all skill levels.
  • 50kg/hour Capacity: The manual sugar cane juicing machine is able to squeeze up to 50 kgs of sugar cane per hour. This is fairly fast making it ideal for both commercial and household use.


  • It includes cast iron wheels with painting for easy portability.
  • The machine is durable thanks to the stainless steel construction.
  • All parts that come into contact with food are safe.
  • It is able to juice a large capacity of sugar cane in a short time.


  • The manual operation can be quite tiresome and thus limit the amount of juice you can make before need for rest.

Final Thoughts

The Manual Stainless Steel Juicer Machine offers good value for money. It is however more suitable for people that do not require large amounts of juice, due to its manual operation.

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3. Sugar Cane Ginger Press Juicer

CN Sugar Cane Ginger Press Juicer
Squeezing sugarcanes or any fruit will be a breeze with the quality Sugar Cane Ginger Press Juicing Machine. You do not need to settle for low performing product when you can experience the different that quality makes!

Features and Specifications

This manual juicer extractor machine that is easy to use. It can accommodate canes of up to 30mm and when it appears to be clogged, simply reverse swing and it will be back to work again. Using the machine is also quite easy, simply cut the root and head of cane and then turn the gears with the help of the handles. A pound of cane can make at least a cup of sugar cane juice. To keep the machine in great shape, it is advisable to grease the transmission gears weekly and wash the rollers immediately after use.

Final Thoughts

The Sugar Cane Ginger Press is a durable machine with great and efficient performance. Although its manual operation may limit its output, it still performs well compared to other competing sugar cane juice extractor machines.

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The Nutrition of Sugar Cane

Although sugar cane juice and refined sugar are made from the same produce, their sugar contents tend to differ. Sugar cane juice is reported to have a relatively low glycemic index of 43, which makes it a healthy alternative to refined sugar if used in moderation. The juice contains fructose and glucose, which unlike sucrose-based sugars do not need insulin to be digested. This is because fructose and glucose are plant-based sugars that are metabolized in the liver rather than in the small intestines. The body absorbs them more slowly than sucrose, causing minimal fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Trace amounts of essential minerals are also present in sugar cane juice. These include calcium, zinc, thiamine, riboflavin, potassium and iron. As a result, you can use the juice to naturally sweeten and enhance foods such as grapefruit and strawberries that offer rich nutritional benefits. Flavonoid and phenolic compounds can also be found in sugar can juice, thus offering you antioxidant benefits such as anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.

Nonetheless, to maintain the nutritional benefits of sugar cane juice, important considerations need to be made in the processing stage. Not all methods of preparing sugar cane juice will maintain its nutritional properties.


Freshly pressed sugar cane juice is like a tonic filled with essential minerals, antioxidants and natural antibiotics. With the right appliance and quality produce, the juice can be available to anyone who is willing to commit just a small fraction of their day to preparing it. With a bit of research, it is easy to find a juicer that fits your needs. There are plenty of options for the commercial and home user and all you need is some time and a clear purpose of what you expect from a sugar cane juice and you will eventually find a juicer to fit your lifestyle, health goals, or even business ambitions.